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Mission & Vision


One Moon Consulting was birthed out of a desire to see small businesses and families reach the goals and dreams they desired. At One Moon Consulting a Five Rings Financial Agency, we help turn those into a plan which becomes reality.

Our vision at One Moon Consulting, a Five Rings Financial Agency is to empowering individuals, families and business owners with education to achieve the dreams they have and build the legacy they wish to leave.

It is our desire to,

Share what we have learned in business and our own personal life journey to help others in this thing we call life.

Provide no-cost educational classes on the basics and fundamentals of personal finance to help educate middle-class Americans, who are often over looked.

Provide avenues to assist families build generational wealth and create 200 year plans for their families.

Offer a company structure which allows individuals an authentic career opportunity, part time or full time, in the financial industry that operates professionally with a family atmosphere.

Build relationship partners from other industries to create synergy and masterminds which allow us to work together toward our dreams, accomplishing more through the power of many.

Build long term relationships with each of our business partners and provide an atmosphere of encouragement, love and togetherness, while helping them realize the 1% God uniquely placed in them.

Work with small businesses to help provide all the correct resources and relationship partners needed to ensure success and carryout the vision of each owner.

Create an entire army of war on debt soldiers who conquer the bondage of debt in their household and teach others the same, changing the legacy of their families forever.

Connect the lost and hurting to an environment that offers hope, restoration and prayer for those who want to receive it.

Finally, it is our desire at One Moon Consulting, a Five Rings Financial Agency, to empower YOU as you achieve greatness and to partner with YOU in turning your dreams into reality.



One Moon Consulting, a Five Rings Financial Agency, is a financial and operational consulting firm, is committed to seeing small businesses grow and succeed in the marketplace, bringing families closer together and returning our nation back to its roots of supporting small businesses.  We focus on providing tools and education to assist middle-class Americans in operating financially-strong  homes and businesses.  We are driven to strive harder each day, to provide  financial education to each home regardless of income.  

The majority of middle-class Americans have simply not been educated correctly on money and how to build wealth with the income they currently have.  Many small business starters lack proper education on all the elements of business such as HR, communication, marketing, accounting, and other operational issues.  One Moon Consulting is prepared and equipped to provide education about all of those issues first, then partner with companies to provide the right solution for each issue individually.


Our greatest joy comes from showing families and small businesses how to master the war on debt and grow their financial dreams into reality.  Kristina Messenger, founder of One Moon Consulting has over 10 years or corporate experience and over 13 years' experience as an entrepreneur.  Her steadfast “love” of small business keeps her seeking for better solutions for all of her clients.  She has a degree in business operations management and invests yearly in continued education to bring solid resources to her clients. 

As a reminder we specialize in Safe Money Strategies including: Tax Free Retirement, Living Benefits Life Insurance (Life insurance you do not have to die to use) and Annuities.  Our clients never lose money, have income for life and protection for their assets and families. We welcome the opportunity to work with you, support you, and cheer you on as you win the war against debt, win the money game by using proper wealth education, get outfitted with the right business tools and ultimately reach your definition of success!!